Our Fleet

Dry Bulk Vessels

Keystone’s Key Lakes subsidiary offers unparalleled expertise in Great Lakes transportation, managing and operating a fleet of eight vessels capable of delivering a diverse range of bulk commodities to freshwater ports across the region. Their experience navigating these sensitive waters, renowned for extreme temperatures and weather conditions, translates to a proven track record of safe and efficient operations. Key Lakes’ commitment to safety and operational excellence positions them as a trusted partner for entities seeking reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions within the Great Lakes.

Liquid Bulk Vessels

Keystone Shipping has transported liquid bulk for over 115 years, and currently manages and operates a fleet of four vessels in the tanker industry. This Fleet includes three U.S. Flag Tankers (SEAKAY STAR, SEAKAY SKY, SEAKAY VALOR) and the cutting-edge MILLVILLE/1964 Articulated Tug Barge unit. This Fleet delivers petroleum products to deep water ports across the United States with the utmost safety, quality, and environmental imperatives.

Ready Reserve Force (RRF)

The Ready Reserve Force (RRF) Fleet is a critical component of the United States Maritime Administration’s (MARAD) strategic sealift capabilities. Comprising a diverse fleet of commercial vessels, the RRF is maintained in a state of readiness to swiftly respond to national emergencies, such as natural disasters, military conflicts, or other contingencies requiring rapid deployment of maritime assets. These vessels play a crucial role in supporting the nation’s defense and humanitarian efforts by providing the necessary sealift capacity to transport military equipment, supplies, and personnel wherever they are needed.
The RRF Fleet is characterized by its adaptability and operational flexibility, with ships ranging from roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessels for carrying vehicles and heavy equipment to container ships capable of transporting a variety of goods. The fleet is strategically positioned across different ports in the United States, ensuring quick mobilization and response times. Regular maintenance and crew training are integral components of the RRF program, enabling the fleet to swiftly transition from a state of layup to active duty when required. As a vital element of the nation’s maritime readiness, the RRF plays a pivotal role in safeguarding national interests and responding effectively to unforeseen challenges on both domestic and international fronts.

Specialty Roll-On/Roll-Off Cargo Vessel

The R/S Rocketship is a highly specialized vessel, which plays a crucial role in the United States’ space program; transporting completed rocket launching systems, and their essential components, from the manufacturing facility in Decatur, Alabama, to launch sites in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

The R/S Rocketship is capable of navigating both shallow inland waterways and the open ocean. The vessel’s versatility allows it to reach inland manufacturing sites and coastal launch sites seamlessly. The ship boasts advanced features like a roll-on/roll-off cargo deck, a helipad, a below-deck machine shop, and sophisticated navigation systems.

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