About Us and Our History

About Keystone Shipping

Keystone Shipping delivers transportation services with the utmost safety, integrity, and environmental protection.

Keystone is a U.S. owned, privately held, full service marine transportation company specializing in the safe, reliable, and efficient waterborne transportation of liquid, dry bulk and roll-on/roll-off cargoes.

It is the intent of Keystone to be recognized in the marine industry for its enduring commitment to the highest standards of safety, environmental protection, quality service, and integrity in the operation of its vessels and in its relationships with its customers.

Keystone is committed to the safety of all employees both ashore and afloat. Our fleet-wide goal is zero injuries and incidents today, tomorrow, and every day into the future.

Keystone is the only U.S. Flag carrier that is engaged in trades in the deep-sea/coastwise, inland, and Great Lakes waterway systems in the United States. Although we are engaged in many different trades, each vessel operates to one exceptional standard. Keystone’s highly trained and experienced workforce, both onshore and at sea, underpins our steadfast commitment to excellence that has been a Keystone hallmark since the Company was founded over 115 years ago. Click Here for Fleet Information

The Keystone team is committed to performing excellent maritime services, representing the following maritime disciplines:


Keystone’s Legacy

Keystone Shipping’s management and work culture is the embodiment of the values and entrepreneurial spirit of the Company’s founder, Charles Kurz. From humble beginnings, Charles Kurz began his career in 1909 as an errand boy for a Philadelphia custom house broker. In the ensuing years, he became a highly respected shipping agent, commodities trader, and ship owner. By World War II, Charles Kurz was managing a fleet of 75 merchant ships as head of the United States War Shipping Administration.

What distinguished Charles Kurz throughout his remarkable career was his passion for innovation, his dedication to his customers, his undisputed integrity, and his willingness to take on seemingly impossible challenges and bring them to fruition.

The tradition of excellence which Charles Kurz established more than a century ago continues today under the leadership of Donald Kurz and his son, Donald Kurz Jr. – representing the third and fourth generations of Kurz family leadership.

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