Safety & Environment

The Environment

Keystone is committed to protecting our natural heritage and maintaining a safe and clean environment. This is a responsibility shared by everyone. Our focus on quality operations has enabled Keystone to safely transport cargo through some of the most sensitive environmental regions, including Alaska, and the U.S. freshwater Great Lakes, among others.

The nature of our business demands constant vigilance to avoid pollution to the marine environment. Our strategy is to remain always at the forefront of environmental safety and technology, and to view even the most minor incidents as areas for significant improvement. This mindset and culture has resulted in many Keystone vessels operating for a decade or more without a lost-time accident.

Safe work practices, quality operations and environmental stewardship, are the cornerstones of Keystone Shipping. In pursuit of our goal of flawless operations, Keystone adheres to the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, to ensure the highest quality of shoreside service and shipboard practice, are followed.

Commitment to Safety

Safety First

Keystone takes pride in accident prevention through a system of near-miss reporting, risk assessment, and recognition of safety hazards, before starting any job. Keystone’s safety standards meet or exceed all industry and government requirements, and safety compliance is a key part of the Company’s work culture. Responsibility for safety is shared by all personnel. Every individual is empowered with stop work authority – “when you see something, say something,” is more than a slogan. It is embedded into our culture.

Quality Assurance

As a leader in the shipping industry for many decades, Keystone believes Quality Assurance is critical for both the safety of our crews and the attainment of high customer service standards.

Preventive maintenance is a constant obsession at Keystone, and we strive to employ the latest performance-enhancing technologies and Best Practices from throughout the maritime industry.

Our Committment to Excellence

While Keystone’s vessels are engaged in many different trades, they all operate to one exceptional standard. Keystone’s highly trained and experienced workforce, both onshore and at sea, underpins the steadfast commitment to excellence that has been a Keystone Shipping hallmark since the Company was founded.
The Keystone team represents the full array of maritime disciplines, which include:


Keystone personnel take a leadership role in various industry affiliations, Boards and committees, including but not limited to, the following:
American Bureau Of Shipping (ABS) Council
ABS Americas Technical Committee
NorthStandard P&I Association
American Petroleum Institute
Chamber Of Shipping Of America
Lake Carriers’ Association
Tanker Structures Cooperative Forum
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