Your Safety and Well-being Is our Primary Concern

Safety is the first concern for all operations, throughout Keystone. As is stated on our Safety, Quality, and Environment page, safety is the first concern for all members of the Keystone team.  To further support employee wellness, we have initiated Health and Wellness Programs on many of our ships to support the busy work schedule of our employees.  Some initiatives include healthy eating and wellness programs, that establish healthy meal options and exercise equipment onboard.  In addition, all of our Great Lakes employees are provided support in a variety of life challenges through our Employee Assistance Program with Sand Creek.

Teamwork from Top to Bottom 

The Company-wide focus on teamwork allows Keystone to meet the highest performance standards at all times.  As a privately-held company, management is always accessible, with constant communication between team members and senior leadership – creating robust layers of knowledge, experience, passion, and commitment. Confidence, training, and meticulous cooperation, between ship board and shoreside personnel, assures efficiency and rapid turnaround.

Keystone offers a variety of job opportunities for individuals interested in careers in the shipping industry.  From entry level positions onboard our vessels to licensed ship officers and experienced shoreside professionals, we are continually looking for qualified candidates to join our dynamic team.

Benefits of working as a mariner with Keystone

Our employees play a critical role in the Keystone family, and we believe in attracting and retaining top talent to work efficiently and safely.  To do so, we offer our employees several opportunities:

  • Competitive pay and benefits (i.e. paid vacation, medical, and educational benefits).
  • No education needed for entry-level positions besides licensing (MMC & TWIC).
  • Promotions, and upgrades to higher positions are possible and supported by the company.
  • Job security in a versatile career that enables you to experience the different regions
  • Ability to live anywhere while at sea, with transportation paid for.
  • Excellent Safety Record.
  • Well maintained vessels in quality condition (ongoing maintenance, modern equipment).
  • Onboard quality of life including AC, and Wi-Fi internet.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives by the company to create a healthy work-life balance.

Current Job Openings

Learn more about our shoreside opportunities.

Learn more about our seagoing opportunities.


Keystone Shipping News & Announcements

At Keystone Shipping we are proud of our accomplishments. Our unwavering dedication to excellence has allowed us to thrive and excel in the maritime community.

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