Keystone Shipping Co.


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Charles Kurz began his maritime business career in 1909, providing a variety of contracted ship services. LEARN MORE




Statement from the President:


Keystone Shipping Company is built for the long term. Our superior operating performance springs from all of our dedicated employees, both shoreside and shipboard, who have joined in our goal of delivering the safest and most environmentally responsible transportation service in the maritime industry. Also contributing to our success in these endeavors are our customers, vendors, and unions.

Keystone Shipping Co,


We are a company built upon a bedrock of lessons learned, best practices, and commitment to continuous improvement spanning three generations and now starting a fourth. The spirit of Keystone began more than 100 years ago when our founder Charles Kurz, felt the need and determination to build a business. This dream included the creation of maritime jobs and the associated financial support that comes with them. Today more than ever, we strive to perpetuate these goals and ideals.