Global Maritime Operations

Keystone Shipping manages a fleet of more than 20 owned and operated oceangoing vessels worldwide – including tankers, dry bulk vessels, tugs, tank barges, and roll-on/roll-off vessels.

Keystone also has extensive experience operating chemical tankers, liquid and dry bulk marine terminals, and power generating facilities.


Petroleum Transport

For more than 100 years, Keystone has transported crude oil and petroleum products to deep water ports throughout the United States.

Great Lakes Transport

Keystone’s Key Lakes subsidiary operates, and performs the technical management of, nine vessels transporting a broad range of commodities to fresh water ports throughout the Great Lakes. Key Lakes has extensive safe-handling experience operating in these sensitive waters known for extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Rapid Emergency Response

Keystone manages roll-on/roll-off vessels for the United States Maritime Administration, supporting the rapid deployment of both military assets and humanitarian relief. Since World War I, Keystone has transported equipment and supplies in support of United States armed forces across the globe.


Construction Management

Keystone has supervised vessel construction and vessel retrofitting projects since its founding, offering a range of services, including project drawing and technical design, on-site construction supervision, crew training, manning, trials evaluation and warranty management.

Financial Services

Keystone provides a comprehensive array of financial services to support our customers and charterers, including financing and leasing, budgeting and forecasting, payroll, purchasing, auditing, and information technology services.

Maritime Transportation Solutions

The Keystone team comprises some of the most talented people industry-wide, with extensive experience and expertise in a broad range of maritime disciplines. We are skilled in assembling project teams to develop solutions for virtually any maritime logistics challenge worldwide.

Keystone Shipping News & Announcements

At Keystone Shipping we are proud of our accomplishments. Our unwavering dedication to excellence has allowed us to thrive and excel in the maritime community.

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Spring Safety Line – 2023

The spring issue of the Safety Line from Keystone Shipping is here!  We welcome new Jones-Act vessels to the fleet, host a USCG Memorial Service, celebrate being the Great Lakes “First Ship of the 2023 Sailing Season” and more.  Read the full 2023 Spring Safety [Read More]

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Fall Safety Line – 2022

The fall issue of Keystone Shipping’s Safety Line Newsletter is here with a look at Exercise Cold Response 2022, fire department vessel walk throughs and more.  Read the full 2022 Fall Safety Line.

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Winter Safety Line – 2021

The winter issue of the Safety Line is here with a look at the recent Maritime Administration Turbo Activation, a police training exercise and more.  Read the full 2021 Winter Safety Line.

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