Keystone Shipping Co.


At Keystone, nothing is more important than safety.


Keystone has an unprecedented quality system which documents all matters as they relate to daily onboard work practices.


Keystone Shipping Co. is committed to protecting our natural heritage and maintaining a safe and clean environment.


Services and Fleet:

Keystone Shipping


During times of global economic recession, Keystone has sustained itself by diversifying its fleet, operations and services. Keystone now provides a variety of services that include, but are not limited to the operation of vessels for MSC, MARAD RRF, bulk carriers on the Great Lakes, and the oil trade in Alaska.


Keylakes, a subsidiary organization based in Duluth Minnesota, manages 9 self-unloading bulk carriers. These vessels trade exclusively in the Great Lakes, carrying such cargoes as iron ore, limestone and coal.

Key Lakes Inc

Since its inception, Keylakes has implemented demonstrable improvements to the safety and environmental culture aboard its vessels.


The highly experienced staff works seamlessly with the Philadelphia headquartered office to assure that operating performance is delivered to Keystone’s singular standard of excellence.


Keystone is a partner in Alaska Tanker Company, which is based in

Alaska Tanker Company

Portland, Oregon. Its vessels deliver North Slope Alaskan crude oil to ports in California and the Pacific Northwest of the United States.