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At Keystone, nothing is more important than safety.


Keystone has an unprecedented quality system which documents all matters as they relate to daily onboard work practices. LEARN MORE


Keystone Shipping Co. is committed to protecting our natural heritage and maintaining a safe and clean environment. With proactive policies and processes and a corporate culture of environmental stewardship, we deliver superior environmental performance on a daily basis. LEARN MORE





At Keystone, nothing is more important than safety. We pride ourselves on accident prevention through a robust system of near miss reporting, risk assessment, and recognition of safety hazards prior to commencing any job. We maintain our safety culture at the highest level, because at Keystone, the responsibility for safety is shared by all personnel.


Preventing accidents means protecting valued crewmembers from personal injury.


In accordance with our company Safety Policy, Keystone will continue to:

  • Set and maintain or improve upon appropriate standards and operating procedures that meet and supplement relevant statutory requirements,
  • Ensure all personnel are informed of their safety responsibilities through monthly safety committee meetings,
  • Ensure that adequate lines of communication exist between responsible Keystone representatives and all personnel,
  • Ensure that the company safety policy and its safety procedures and instructions are observed through investigation and appropriate corrective action,
  • Reduce the impact of identified or potential risks by way of thorough and effective risk assessment.

Accident Free Days

  • We pride ourselves in the ability to maintain a safe and accident free fleet. As a way of promoting this among all of our employees, accident free days are closely monitored and awards are provided for fleet vessels that have achieved significant milestones in the areas of personnel safety and environmental performance.

Safety Line

  • Keystone provides its stakeholders with an up to date and in depth safety newsletter that is published tri annually as a way of demonstrating continual progress in safety, quality and environmental protection. The Safety Line Publication is a glimpse of all practices and news that have occurred within our fleet over the preceding four months.   Click here to download a copy of our most recent edition.

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