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Preventing accidents means protecting valued crewmembers from personal injury.


Keystone has an unprecedented quality system which documents all matters as they relate to daily onboard work practices. LEARN MORE


Keystone Shipping Co. is committed to protecting our natural heritage and maintaining a safe and clean environment.

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The nature of our business demands that we be especially vigilant in avoiding pollution of the marine environment. Through proactive policies and processes and a corporate culture of environmental stewardship, we deliver superior environmental performance on a daily basis.


Keystone Shipping Co. is committed to:

  • Achieving continuous improvement in our environmental performance.
  • Seeking the efficient use of energy and natural resources in our activities.



  • Reducing the waste created from our activities, promoting recycling or reuse, and managing disposal of waste in accordance with the highest industry standards.
  • This is achieved by assessing the environmental effects of any new activities, and reassessing existing activities when there are significant changes. We also require contractors working for us to comply with our environmental policies and procedures.

Pollution Free Days:

Keystone takes pride in operating its vessels in a manner that avoids the release of pollutants into the environment, through care, sound operating procedures and strict adherence to all applicable state, federal and international laws. Working together to achieve a cleaner environment will assure a brighter future for everyone. We maintain an environmentally sensitive and pollution free fleet. Pollution free days are closely monitored and awards are provided for vessels that have achieved significant milestones in the area of environmental performance.







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